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Music // G-Eazy x Bebe Rexha // elements of dreams

Me, Myself And I ( Intro )

ME, myself & i been riding with each other since day one. During the nightmares, daydreams and night dreams even temptation dreams. We live in world where if everything seen be going wrong or something not right we go to that me, myself & i place. On one side always good put yourself no matter What you going through, but down fall is it always makes it hard trust, makes it hard  believe n some cases make it hard dream big. we all have dreams but most of time we miss the elements that make up that dream. Now this when me, myself & i  plays a big role in a lot of times. Because sometimes we overlook our dreams because we this or that or seen to big to meet. Sometimes we just don't feel like we quality go after we really want far as dreams or we just don't care.


When i was sitting back trying think of site name of my newest project, trying do wordplay. At first nothing came to mind. then i thinking about a conversation i had with someone who had recently started to live their biggest dream. They explaining it and you could  hear joy in there voice.  everybody want t live their biggest dreams. But the me, myself and i  might have us doubting our self or making it seen like elements that takes to go after that dream is to far to reach. Anyway that conversation made think i do graphics i run a independent magazine but is this my biggest dream if not what is it. Looking at people around me i either network with or just chat it up with on social networks or family. made me think theres your site name right there elements of dreams. the ideal of site showcase  projects, business and so on plus a new platform or me create new projects away from my magazine or graphic company and who knows might help realist what is my biggest dream is.

Feature // Anthony Tilghman // www.makesmart.cool

Rethinking what cool is

Rethinking what cool is when you think of the cool kids or the word cool overall far as describing a person. Smart is never or even last thing that come to our mind.  Anthony Tilghman who is the creator of make smart cool want to change that and help the new generation of kids get a new mind sit on importance of education specially in the dmv area.


The #MakeSmartCool Mission

Headquartered in Washington D.C., Make Smart Cool was founded in 2013 By Anthony Tilghman Photographer & Entrepreneur under the principle of helping kids stay in school and avoid the pitfalls a lack of education can cause. Our mission is to teach and motivate our youth that education matters and to change the youth mindset about today’s educational system.


 The unfortunate truth is that too many students feel that a good education won’t get them anywhere. This is taught in today’s music, on social media and through peer pressure. #Make Smart Cool wants to change that and show them that there is a future waiting for them and it starts with education. From the schools and playgrounds, to the streets and in the homes, our focus is to give students the motivation they need for future success.


checkout them at www.makesmart.cool

Feature // Charay Vaughn // No Malice

Charay Vaughn Interviews , "No Malice " formally "Malice" 1/2 Of the old rap group "Clipse"  with his younger brother Pusher-T

Writer / actress / directer Charay Vaughn has deliver great interviews from her youtube channel in recently drop a new interview featuring  "No Malice " formally "Malice" 1/2 Of the old rap group "Clipse" with his younger brother Pusher-T.  Whats great about this interview is No Malice speaking truth and being inspiring with out doing in way where sound like sound trying force point of views in to your head



Feature // Ciji Carr-McManus  // Charge Up

Charge Up Dance Fitness LAUNCH PARTY

Charge Up was started n founded by Ciji who is a multi talented person. She has put her talent in many hats over the years in now she set her sight on her newest  company and project.  With this she sure to make a differences on many people's lives.


CHARGED UP is a glow in the dark Caribbean and Hip Hop dance workout party lead by the highly energetic founder and Head Charger Ciji with live music from the fan favorite DJ Melle Mel. The Charged Up Tour presents a vibrant and exciting new way of mixing FITNESS with FUN to ATTACK THE FAT. Each dance routine is strategically designed to combine a blast of cardio with plyometric exercises for an amazing full body workout. The tour visits gyms, dance studios, schools, private parties etc. and brings the full dance and fitness experience to your front door.

Feature // Shaterra Jenkins // Artist

ShaTerra Jenkins Makeup Artistry

When you think of elements of dreams, Shaterra Jenkins come to mind. she crafted her dream into something amazing and has put in work as a makeup artist ever since 2011.  From being in the military to former model and now this, she is showing a dream is only a dream to u go out in make it happen.


In 2011, when I started doing makeup, I never thought it'd transform into where I am today. I was so eager and determined to just get out there to make a difference in someone's life somewhere. I never realized that just picking up a makeup brush would blossom into so much more! I am so thankful that I get to work with amazing clients from all walks of life and some of the best professionals. I have even had the honor of being published in major magazines and productions plus working with prestigious models.


One of the reasons why I am so passionate about makeup artistry and skincare is because I want my clients to feel confident and notice the beauty within themselves. I want them to feel comfortable with me as a professional along with the skills and values that I bring. Still til this day, I am blown away at the positive response and support that I receive. That I get to share a piece of me with every one of you. I love the people that I get to meet and the experiences that I get to be apart of. Not just physically but also emotionally. Having been a Bride myself really allows me to appreciate the process my clients go through leading up to her wedding day. My team and I pride ourselves on providing luxury on-location beauty services, providing airbrush makeup and hair design.


Products used: LimeLight by Alcone | http://www.limelightbyalcone.com/shat...

Filmed by Kera Estep of The Carrs Photography


Feature // Wild // sapphire

Wild -sapphires diaries

...she's savage and she knows it...doesn't apologize for it...

 ...greedily licking blood stained lips as she drinks from the contents of her victim's hearts and bathe in their inadequacies...

 ...all casualties of war, she's come to realize...

 ...leaving them emotionally scarred and ravaged by her blood thirst...

 ...she loves freely...a flower child in wolf's clothing...

 ...standing naked in the rain and basking as each drop cleanses her soul...

 ...she inhales the sunlight, allows it to circulate through her blood stream until she radiates with life and femininity...

 ...femininity...a reminder of a past life, a past self, unaltered by time...

 ...she allows each blessing to resonate in her spirit and gives praise to her creator...

 She walks amongst wolves and finds comfort in the lion's den for they are like minds...kindred spirits...

 Gentle, skilled, predators and she openly embraced it...

 ...terrifying assassins in the night, maliciously devouring everything in sight to protect their kingdom...

 ...a beautiful nightmare

 ...a wet dream

 ...and he could not stop himself from falling in love with her untamed spirit

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Feature // Elements of dreams // more to come

Act like your self they see you one way and if you act like others they see you as fake.

More features coming soon as i gather other contents to feature.  As i was trying find a hip hop song to rep what i was trying say being a big hip hop fan. Then i thinking how i was in a family member car in she had gospel channel on blast.  this song came on  in turnt it up even more. This  singer was  explaining how basely he going act like himself and not going to be fake ( not  the words he said but that's what he meant ). I like that part basely tells you how the world is. If you act like yourself they see you one way and if you act like others they see you as fake. so you can't win or lose in this world. I believe be you n take your dream in run with it to the wheels fall off.


stay tune for more contents